Paver Repairs and Maintenance

The advantage of using pavers for roof decks, pooldecks, driveways, patios and walkways, is that they are easy to remove if damaged and easily replaced. If you find that your pavers have been cracked or have loosened, it is possible for them to be replaced with new pavers. They can be fitted and cut to the correct size and width, so that the repairs are not noticeable.

Joey Pavers does all kinds of paver repairs, including sanding the pavers to level them and replacing broken pavers. We restore and seal existing weathered pavers or bricks, including retaining walls.

Sometimes pavers have been sealed incorrectly. We can help with that too! We can remove the old sealer and reseal the pavers, giving them new life and an enhanced appearance.

Cleaning and sealing is sometimes all it takes to get existing pavers to look like new again. It can also help hold the sand intact between the pavers for a longer life.

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