Paver Sealing Process

Newly installed pavers around a pool or on a patio should be allowed to dry for about a week before sealing, so that moisture won't be trapped inside the pavers. Driveway pavers may need more immediate sealing to avoid oil stains and tire tracks.

Re-sealing begins with cleaning. A chemical wash starts the cleaning process, followed by pressure cleaning. This should remove most stains, dirt and old sealer. If pavers have been oversaturated with sealer, the process may need repeating.

If pressure washing has dislodged much of the sand in the joints between pavers, new sand should be applied. This keeps the pavers from shifting.

Depending on the weather, the pavers may have dried enough to seal the following day. One or two coats will be applied, depending on the porosity of the pavers and the type of sealer used. The sealer will harden enough in a few hours for pedestrian traffic, but cars should not drive on newly sealed pavers for at least 24 hours.

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